10 Places to Fake A European Vacation Photo with Your Dog

10 Places to Fake A European Vacation Photo with Your Dog

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For many years, we headed to Europe every few months on guidebook assignments—squeezing in some photo opps at major attractions along the way. But these days, our 65-pound girls Irie and Tiki keep us traveling stateside. (As much as we love Europe, there’s no way we’re flying our dogs any way but coach—and that doesn’t work at their size!)

But the fun of European attractions doesn’t have to mean an international trip. Here are 10 destinations where you can fake a European vacation photo with your dog—without ever reaching for a paws-port.

1. Stonehenge II, Ingram, Texas

I couldn’t pass up the chance to pose with our dogs Irie and Tiki at Stonehenge II in Ingram, Texas, northwest of San Antonio. Standing 90 percent as tall and 60 percent as wide as the UK original, the roadside installation is the perfect spot for a dog walk and photo session. Having seen the original, I have to say the Texas interpretation is pretty darn impressive. If you just can’t get enough faux photos, you can also snap a shot of your dog with an Easter Island Moai at this location, too.


2. London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Think of “London Bridge” and you probably picture the distinctive Tower Bridge, one of our favorite stops in London. But London Bridge is a lot more ordinary—and a lot more American. In 1968, the 600-year-old bridge was moved block by block to Arizona. It’s now the second most popular tourist stop in Arizona—but can still fool plenty of people who think this famous bridge is across the pond.

3. Eiffel Tower, Paris, Texas

OK, the western hat atop this “Eiffel Tower” just might tip off viewers that this tower is in the land of cowboys, not croissants, but it still makes a spectacular shot!

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4. Leaning Tower of Niles, Niles, Illinois

Built half the size of its Italian cousin, this leaning tower certainly makes a realistic Fido photo. The tower is a focal point of the community of Niles, whose sister city is – you guessed it – Pisa, Italy.

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5. German Biergarten, Fredericksburg, Texas

Our Tiki can’t resist ordering a little schnitzel at German biergartens, like the Auslander in Fredericksburg, Texas. German biergartens, with their outdoor patios, make a great backdrop for your photo fake-out – and you get a good meal out of the deal.


6. Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee

Built for the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition, this is a full-sized model of the Parthenon in Athens. Dogs aren’t allowed inside the building but the photos outside are just paw-fect for your faux photos!

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7. Eiffel Tower – Fake it in Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas can look like it happened in Paris, thanks to the clever Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas hotel (which is also pet-friendly). Even if you’re not a guest, pose your pup at the base of the tower for a shot that’s très chic.

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8. Trevi Fountain, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Just across the street, you’ll travel from Paris to Rome—and the chance to pose at the Trevi Fountain, Vegas style. As in Rome, be sure to throw a coin over your shoulder. Use your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder—ensuring that you and your dog will return again. (Hmm…but would that be to return to Rome or to Vegas?)

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9. Washington Square Arch, New York, New York

Now it’s back to Paris and the Arc de Triomphe – but with a New York twist. Washington Square Arch, located in Washington Square Park, was modeled on the famous Parisian landmark—but with statues of George Washington on the arch’s north side.

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10. Foamhenge, Natural Bridge, Virginia

Just telling people you visited an attraction named Foamhenge is sure to fetch some laughs—but the site is an amazingly realistic rendition of Stonehenge. Made entirely out of Styrofoam, the site makes a great backdrop—but no digging around these “rocks,” Rover!

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