Everyone knows the holidays can be a stressful time for travelers. Delays, inclement weather, and other frustrations can really put a damper on the holiday warm fuzzies. Traveling with your dog can be a comfort, but also a potential source of extra stress. Stay calm and collected with these tips for smooth travels this season.
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If you travel home to a cold climate, make sure your pup has the appropriate outerwear!
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Follow our tips to get through the airport smoothly.
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Make sure you have the proper carrier, whether you are going through customs, riding or driving in a car, or taking public transportation!
Brave your in-laws and prepare the perfect answer to those nagging baby questions.
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Educate yourself on common holiday hazards that might lurk about.
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If you can't bring pup with you for whatever reason, hire a dog sitter.
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7 Foolproof Ways To Survive Holiday Travel With Your Dog This Season

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