alf- lake garda, italy
Once upon a time, Alf was a regular pup chillin' at home with his dad.
Then they embarked on an epic trip across the world! Here's Alf taking a refreshing swim through the crystal clear waters of Petrcane, Croatia.
He mingled with the locals in Zadar, Croatia- a city overlooking the Adriatic Sea...
And took in the views along the extended coastline of Pag Island.
They visited Meteora, which translates to "middle of the sky" in Greece.
Zoltan snapped this lovely photo of Alf on a beach along the southeast coast of Crete. The former Grecian municipality is known as Macry Gialos.
Alf attempted to get a sampling of the local cuisine at Korinos Beach, Greece.
The big pup took a much needed rest at a hotel in Italy's Province of Rimini.
While enjoying Rimini, Alf posed regally on a colorful boat.
Then it was off to take in the incredible views of Italy's Lake Garda.
Alf performed a lackluster impression of Godzilla in front of this miniature Italy replica.
He also didn't seem terribly impressed with their visit to The Most Serene Republic of San Marino- the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world.
While in England, Alf and Zoltan enjoyed the lovely Seven Sisters Country Park,
and Gildredge Park in Eastbourne.
Eastbourne, England also provided this gorgeous sunset photo op on the beach. What a trip!
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One Man & One Dog Take On The World

Photographer, Zoltan Kecskes took a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the globe last year. To make the voyage even more special, he brought along his faithful dog, Alf. Zoltan snapped pics of his handsome pooch at each scenic, culturally diverse stop along the way. These delightful photos are the closest many of us hoomans will ever get to these exotic locales. Alf is one lucky dog!

H/T Bored Panda

All Images via Zoltan Kecskes/Z.A. Kecskes Photography