Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In Delaware

Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In Delaware

This article is part of our Road Trip for Good series with the incredible humans behind the popular 2 Traveling Dogs! Each week they will share their adventure in a new state, and their pups, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, will pick their favorite “Marked Territories.” Each state will highlight one special rescue organization that is doing fantastic work to help the dog community. For more detailed coverage, be sure to visit!

Delaware may be a small state, but if offers many different paths to explore with your dog. Choose to spend the day together at one of the popular beach towns or simply waste the day away relaxing at a unique brewery or winery. If you love exploring and want to give a rescue dog a weekend out too, start by visiting 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue in Harrington, Delaware to pick up a travel buddy to foster or adopt!

On our Road Trip For Good, we find out the different needs of the local animal rescues and shelters. We were surprised to see a rescue organization so close to where we were camping in Delaware, which was a very rural area. After noticing the posts on 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue’s Facebook page with pleas for their foster dogs and cats, we saw how much they cared and contacted them to make a visit while in Harrington, Delaware.

Brickle And Digby’s Paw-Picked Delaware Rescue:  2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue


Driving out to 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue in Harrington, Delaware was an experience.

We shared the road with tractors in our lanes. When we arrived at the address we were given to find Amber at our chosen Delaware rescue, weweren’t sure if we were at the right place. But then we came upon the most beautiful cabin with two lovely women and dogs on their front porch. We knew we were here.


The first thing I wondered when I spoke with Amber who started 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue was why she was doing this.  As she told me, there was a big need for animal advocates in this community, and not many taking on the job.  When we asked her if it was like this in other areas of the country, she was sad to report that it was.

Why did Amber care so much, what made her want to give of herself so selflessly?

Amber told me that she started this rescue simply because her love and passion for animals is so strong.  She knows that innocent animals all over the world are being mistreated and misunderstood and that someone needs to be their voice, help protect them and act for them. She said that caring for animals is what comes most naturally to her, what makes her happiest, and is her one and only true passion. Through childhood and up to adulthood she was always bringing home sick and injured animals. She would find dogs and animals dumped on back roads, abused or hit by cars.  After a while she felt “why not make an official rescue organization to hopefully make a bigger difference and get more support rather than keep it personal and do this on my own”. This is how 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue was born.  And then…we “hounded” Amber below.


Often, key family members in our lives shape us into who we are forever.  Amber had such a family member: her grandmother. She influenced her love for and knowledge of animals. Her grandmother was titled a “Wildlife Rehabilitator” but did not limit herself to only wildlife. She grew up with the pleasure of playing with squirrels, raccoons, dogs, birds, deer, and skunks!


What is her dream for her rescue?

Since her rescue is foster based, her dream would be to expand her rescue to have an actual facility or in her words, a “doggy paradise!”  Here, all her dogs would be their happiest and grow to their fullest potential. Most of all, her immediate need and desire would be to have more people involved in her community and surrounding areas enjoy offering their time to the dogs. From taking the foster dogs to a day outing or weekend party, or just coming to help her walk the dogs would help. Fosters are so needed for Amber’s rescue to help her help more animals.  We applaud Amber for allowing us an inside look on how a small, dedicated rescuer endeavors to make a real difference in their community.  We will never forget our visit here.  If you can help Amber in her endeavors, visit their Facebook page. Donations can also be made as well to their Paypal address.

Pick up a foster dog for the weekend at 2nd Chance Fur-Babies Animal Rescue and then check out Brickle and Digby’s recommendations for a Delaware trip worth making!

1. Grab A Brew At Dogfish Head Brewery


As soon as you see the copper sign for DogFish Brewery, you know you are in a for a unique brewery experience. Beer lovers flock to this small yet impressive brewery.  Not only was Dogfish Head Delaware’s first brewpub, it was the smallest commercial brewery in America.  Located in Milton, Delaware, head first to their tasting room to see which brew is your new favorite.  The best part of this brewery to us was that Brickle and Digby could sit with us inside while we relaxed and tasted their delicious beer.  After tasting, head outside and grab something to eat like their vegetarian chili or peanuts with real hops.  Sit outside with other dog lovers and see why DogFish Head Brewery has been called “America’s most interesting and adventurous small brewery.”

2. Get Your Paws Wet At Cape Henlopen State Park


Located in Lewes, Delaware, Cape Henlopen State Park has many year-round hiking trails and allows leashed dogs on certain beach areas. There are a variety of marked nature and hiking trails at the park, ranging from a beach to pine forests. Stop at the guard station and ask which areas are dog friendly, as this may change by season.  Always remember to pick up after your leashed dog so that they can enjoy this privilege for years to come!

3. Get Your Ice Cream Fix At A Real, Working Dairy


Do you love fresh ice cream? How about your dog? Then get in your car right now and head to Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin, Delaware. Using the milk from their farm, they make some of the best ice cream you and your dog may ever taste.  Brickle and Digby shared a bowl of their no sugar added vanilla ice cream and let’s just say, it was a hit. In 1996, this dairy celebrated their 200th year of family owned farming in New Castle County and were recognized by the state of Delaware as one of the few remaining Centennial farms in the first state. Did we mention that you need to get in your car right now?

4. Hike Around A Country Estate In Wilmington


Rockwood is an English-style country estate and museum located in Wilmington, Delaware. Although your dog isn’t allowed inside the museum or mansion, you are both welcome to explore the historic gardens and grounds. A Quaker merchant banker built Rockwood between 1851 and 1854. Its Gothic Revival architecture and beautiful landscape were designed to reflect an English country estate. Walk along the more than 2 miles of  trails that wind their way throughout the 72-acre property. Just make sure to keep your dogs leashed and pick up after them.

5.  Let Your Dog Order Off A Menu At Rehoboth Beach

This restaurant is unusual, different, innovative and not like any other restaurant in town.  Did we mention that they give dogs their own menu? Hobos Restaurant and Bar should be on your list of places to eat with a dog friendly, outdoor atmosphere in Delaware.  Located in popular Rehoboth Beach, Hobos Restaurant and Bar prides itself on truly caring not only for their customers, but their local farmers as well.  This restaurant will truly make you remember what food is supposed to taste like.  Sit on their outdoor patio with your dog and simply enjoy! They offer a dog menu and even provide dog plate ware and placemats.  They often hold rescue events as well for local animal rescue efforts.  Good food, good people.  We love this place!

6. Make A Stop On The Delaware Beer, Wine And Spirits Trail


Located in Felton, Delaware, head to one of the marked stops on the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail, Pizzadili Vineyard and Winery.  Now that is a trail we are happy to hike! Two brothers brought a little touch of their home country, Italy, to this small town. The land here is very similar to the vineyards in Italy, and a wonderful spot to sit and talk awhile with your dog. You will be drinking wine, so it will look totally normal. Here you can enjoy their unique wines and the beauty of the vineyard itself, which includes acres and acres of grape vines, fruit trees and a pond.

7. Make Your Dog A Delaware Treat


When you are traveling, eating is one of the best ways to get to know the local people, traditions and history. Since dogs have special dietary restrictions, the best way to have them sample local fare is by making it yourself (and you might as well make it human-friendly, too!) Two of Delaware’s most plentiful crops are peaches and apples. How does an apple dumplin’ sound to you? We think you will agree, this treat is one you will make when you are in any state! Find the Brickle approved recipe at Your Dog’s Diner.

Be sure to check 2 Traveling Dog’s pupcoming schedule to see if Brickle and Digby will be in your neighborhood!

Next stop…New Jersey!