Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In New Jersey

Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In New Jersey

This article is part of our Road Trip for Good series with the incredible humans behind the popular 2 Traveling Dogs! Each week they will share their adventure in a new state, and their pups, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, will pick their favorite “Marked Territories.” Each state will highlight one special rescue organization that is doing fantastic work to help the dog community. For more detailed coverage, be sure to visit!

Did you know that New Jersey is known as the Garden State?  Having only traveled to the cities of New Jersey in the past, we were completely taken by surprise at how beautiful the countryside of this state was. Truly a welcoming, family spirit overtakes you and all you want to do is drive and find more to do with your dog! New Jersey, we fell in love, not only with your state’s beauty, but also the beauty of your animal rescuers.

Brickle and Digby’s Paw-Picked New Jersey Rescue:  One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.)


One common factor in all of the rescues we have visited so far on our trip has been that they need volunteers. They cannot accomplish anything for their animals without a network of people to help them in their community.  When we pulled up in our car to visit One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.), we were greeted by happy, helpful volunteers who immediately introduced themselves to Brickle and Digby.  We knew that we were somewhere very special.


According to their website, “One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.) in New Jersey, is a non-profit rescue organization that saves dogs and cats from desperate situations. We rescue pets from overcrowded shelters where animals are euthanized due to lack of space. O.S.C.A.R. volunteers care for these pets in our network of foster homes where they receive the loving care they deserve. We ensure that all pets in our care receive the proper veterinary attention and vaccinations, and that the animals are spayed/neutered. All of O.S.C.A.R.’s dogs and cats are great animals that deserve loving homes.”

For years, O.S.C.A.R. operated as a foster based rescue, but in the last few months, they have undertaken a huge project by purchasing a piece of property to renovate into a shelter!


If you have ever undertaken a home remodel, you know how expensive and time consuming this can be.  For O.S.C.A.R., their volunteers are invaluable in their goals and mission.  Based on the happiness radiating from each of the volunteers that we met, we know that when we check on their progress in a few months, we will see miracles.


We spoke with Anthony, a manager at O.S.C.A.R. who was excited to give us a tour and speak to us about the task at hand of renovating this building to house 40 kennels! We decided to “hound him” as you will see below.

Can you imagine how beautiful this facility will be upon completion? Brickle and Digby would like to thank all the volunteers for their special welcome to them upon our visit. You are an inspiration to us all. You have embarked on an incredible mission and are going to accomplish it with the help of your fleets of happy and truly special volunteers. We know that you will be rewarded!


One of the innovative ways that O.S.C.A.R. is raising funds is by offering people a chance to buy a paver.  A $100 donation will go directly with the cost of ongoing repairs. If you have ever built a home or renovated a home, you know how quickly expenses can add up. You can purchase a paver here.


If you are in the New Jersey area, and can volunteer to help O.S.C.A.R. by fostering, helping out with adoption events, or even construction, visit their Facebook page and website to learn more.

After you have volunteered at O.S.C.A.R., reward yourself and your dog by taking a trip through this great state of New Jersey!  Here are Brickle and Digby’s recommendations for a great trip!

1. Climb To The Highest Point In New Jersey


Head to High Point State Park in Sussex, New Jersey and take your dog hiking on Monument Trail to the highest point in New Jersey!  A 3.7 mile loop that winds it way uphill and downhill through expansive views, your reward at the end is an impressive vantage point.   Park at the Monument to start your hike which intersects with the Appalachian Trail along the way, and don’t forget to pack lots of water and snacks!

2. Head To Yappy Hour On The Jersey Shore


Located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, The Wonder Bar is a quirky bar with live music, TV, sports, and a dog friendly patio with designated play times.  Let your dog splash in one of their pools and play with other fun seeking pooches at their outdoor area. This is truly a dog park dream come true for both you and your dog! Hosting frequent rescue events, grab your dog a treat at the bar and a drink for yourself and see why this Jersey Shore’s dog hangout is so pupular! Check their website for specific dates and times.

3. Stay At A Farm With Your Dog


Built on a real working farm with friendly staff,  Pleasant Acres Farm Campground  in Sussex, New Jersey provides a unique camping experience with your dog and the best views of New Jersey’s countryside.  Bring your own RV, or stay in one of their pet-friendly cottages packed with all of the amenities including full bathrooms, central air, two fold-out sofas and TV.  Spend your day visiting with the cows, horses and goats.  Let your dog run free in their dog park and start a campfire together.  This is truly a getaway with your dog you will never forget.

4. Visit A Dog Friendly Winery


Often the simplest places on a road trip make your journey memorable.  Ventimiglia Vineyard in Wantage, New Jersey is a small, unpretentious, dog-friendly winery that gives you the chance to relax while sipping flavorful wines with the winemaker.  The hand-crafted wine making of Ventimiglia Vineyard continues a family tradition passed down for generations from Italy. Bring your lunch and take a walk with your dog to the upper vineyard and enjoy the quiet country of New Jersey.

5. Go Fishing With Your Dog


The brisk blue waters of Round Valley Reservoir attract swimmers, boaters, fishermen, picnickers, campers and dog parents to its scenic shore.  The reservoir covers over 2,000 acres and is approximately 180 feet deep, the deepest lake in New Jersey, and is stocked with lake trout!  Anglers must follow the posted special fishing regulations that apply and fishing is subject to New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations. Fishing is prohibited in the swimming area and a valid NJ fishing license is required.  If your dog has a fishing pole, bring that too.

6.  Hike On A Former Railroad


The Paulinskill Valley Trail and the Sussex Branch Trail in Andover, New Jersey are former railroads in Kittatinny Valley State Park that have been converted for use as multiple use trails. When snow conditions are abundant, you may even see a dog-sledding team!  With 27 miles of trails that pass through rural landscapes, northern deciduous forests and wetlands, this is a great place to hike with your leashed dog.

7. Make Your Dog A New Jersey Treat


When you are in New Jersey, stop at any produce stand and pick up some of the best tomatoes you will ever taste.  Then hurry back to camp and make what is known as New Jersey “gravy”: A rich and flavorful sauce that you can put over any kind of pasta you wish. Every family has their own version, and Brickle and Digby have created their own too that is person and dog friendly!  Check out their New Jersey Growlin’ Gravy recipe.

Be sure to check 2 Traveling Dog’s pupcoming schedule to see if Brickle and Digby will be in your neighborhood!

Next stop…Connecticut!