All Apawd! How You Can Help Dogs Ride the Eurostar

All Apawd! How You Can Help Dogs Ride the Eurostar

Christmas is a few weeks away, and you’re probably thinking of where to take your hooch on holiday, right?

If you had dreams of a romantic train ride to Paris on the Eurostar, strolling the Champs-Elysees with your BFF (matching berets, naturellement), forget it. The Eurostar does not allow pups on board any of its train.

Say what?
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Sure, you can take your dog through the Eurotunnel (if you have a car), fly (only some airlines) or take the ferry (too long). And if your pooch doesn’t fit under your plane seat, there’s a good chance they’ll have to fly in the cargo hold, need to be sedated, or arrive stressed – not our first choice, especially for a holiday!

And get this: other UK and European rail operators allow pets. Barking mad, isn’t it?

The recent #PetstoParis campaign by online pet store Pets Pyjamas suggested pets be allowed on a designated carriage. Makes sense to us! They sent in a petition for the issue to be discussed in the House of Commons, and even staged a flash mob in St. Pancras in September.

Tatler Geoff wants to ride the Eurostar to Paris…

petstoparis1 Image via hollyalexandrajane

So does Dennis…

petstoparis2Image via fayechapman1 

It’s even ruffer when you think of how many of us travel with our pets – over a third! – spending a whopping £450 million on holidays. Over 10 million passengers ride the Eurostar every year – imagine how many more would if they could bring their fluffball?

So, what can you do to get dogs on the Eurostar?

* Write to Eurostar CEO Nicolas Petrovic at [email protected]

* Tweet out to Eurostar at

* Post your message on Eurostar’s Facebook page

* Join Facebook group Allow Pets on Eurostar

* Follow Pets Pyjamas’ Get Pets to Paris on the Eurostar campaign for updates.


Take action now and we shall all be riding in style, paw to paw, in no time!

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