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When I think of escaping to the beach, I think of warm weather and swimming. However, checking out wintry beaches can be just as relaxing and calming. Here are some reasons why you and your pup should explore beaches in chillier weather.
1. Access. After Labor Day, dogs can visit many beaches and boardwalks in the colder seasons that are normally off limits in the summer.
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2. Conquer fears and anxiety. Dogs that are nervous around large groups can find peace and solace, since the beach won’t be heavily populated.
3. Save money! After the summer ends, seaside town hotels and resorts lower their prices in the off season. It’s a great way to take in a vacation and stick to a budget.
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4. Have fun. Because your pup is dying to chase some seagulls, sniff new dog butts, and let loose!
5. Enjoy a no pressure lifestyle. In the thick of summer, we feel that itch to do all the seasonal activities or else. So instead of getting a bad case of FOMO, why not take the pressure off? Meditate on the beach, watch the sunset, stroll down a boardwalk. Just move at your own pace. Your dog will thank you for it!
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6. Enjoy peace and quiet. Breaking up the hustle and bustle of daily life is good for you and your pup. Go on a long walk, a run, or just enjoy the silence together.
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7. Quality bonding time. What better way to strengthen your relationship by trying new activities? More so, many major attractions in beach side towns stay open all year round which make pawfect experiences for your dog as well.
8. Catch up with family and friends. Spend time with loved ones (both pups and humans) that you don't get to see as often. The more dogs, the merrier. It's also a wonderful time for pups to socialize and spend time with their beloved doges.
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9. Stimulation. Like humans, dogs thrive on stimulation. Introducing your pup to a new environment, smells, and adventures keeps their hearts and minds healthy.
10. Find new passions together. Like the saying goes -- you won't know if like something until you try it, right? The same can be said for your pup! An engaging activity can open up a whole new world.
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