Documentary Exposes The Sad Reality Of The UK Puppy Trade

Documentary Exposes The Sad Reality Of The UK Puppy Trade

***The findings in this documentary and our reporting of them may be disturbing to some readers.***

Puppy mills are a reality all over the world. This year, BBC Scotland aims to expose the UK puppy trade in a revealing documentary called The Dog Factory.

Going undercover, investigators secretly filmed puppy mills to expose the conditions in which hundreds of pups lived. Sheila Voas, a veterinary surgeon in Scotland says of one of the mills:

“It was a production line. It was using animals as a commodity.”

The below photo, taken with a nightvision camera, shows two seemingly endless rows of dog cages.

uk dog factory 4

Investigator Samantha Poling also uncovered dozens of puppies left in old trailers.

“It was freezing and there was snow on the ground, yet inside I could hear whimpering. Inside, I found the pups, just weeks old. Huddled together without their mums. Just pups. Dozens of them, and in another trailer there are more puppies.”

Many of these puppy mill owners use fake names to avoid being caught by police. These aliases also keep their business running once a particular mill is exposed by the press or by dog lovers.

The film touches on the lasting consequences for many of these pups. One puppy, called Bane, died only 4 days after he went home with his owner.

uk puppy mills 3

Other pups are illegally imported from outside the UK. One woman, Lisa, unwittingly adopted an illegally imported pup named Rosie (pictured above). She was told she would have to put Rosie to sleep, send her back to Ireland or have her quarantined. She chose the latter, a compassionate, but extremely expensive option.

You can watch the entire documentary below.

h/t Metro UK.

Featured image via BBC.