A Dog Toy Story – Episode 2

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A Dog Toy Story – Episode 2

In this episode, Bro and Trader Joe's save the day, and an Adorable Snowman gives some bad news.

Starring (in alphabetical order):

Bubbalicious (@bubbbbalicious)
Chloe Kardoggian (@chloekardoggian)
Friday and Princeton Balthazar
LaFitte (@lafitte_antonoff)
Samson the Dood (@samsonthedood)
Potato McTater (@potato_mctater)

Lov the Wooly Mammoth twin and TOY 1: Rachel Antonoff
Kevin the Frog: Brian Balthazar
Pav the Wooly Mammoth twin and TOY 2: Lauren Cruz
Bro the Dinosaur and Derek the Robot: Nick Giedris (Twitter: @nickgiedris)
Lil' Ducky the Dragon: Laura Hartle
Ducky the Yellow Ducky and The Adorable Snowman: Alice Johnson
Barry the Bear, Squeaki Tiki and Dave the Tennis Ball: Zack Zimbler

Written and Directed By:
Zack Zimbler and Pil Rim Kim

Director of Photography:
Nelson Mestril

Edited By:
Nelson Mestril
Wheaton Simis

Set and Tiny Prop Design By:
Ally Nesmith

Sound Design By:
Zach Berkman

Credits Cover Music Performed By:

Arms of an Angel Cover Performed By:
Vocals: Alice Johnson
Instrumental and arrangement: Grant Glidden

Executive Producer:
Sanford Marcus

Series Producers:
Laura Hartle
Pil Rim Kim

Toys provided by BarkShop