Bark & Co. Gets An Exclusive Invite To The Kitchens At Freshpet!

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Bark & Co. Gets An Exclusive Invite To The Kitchens At Freshpet!

This video is pawwered by the folks at Freshpet, who are spreading the good word about pup health. Freshpet knows the difference eating fresh, less processed meals can make! Freshpet makes all-natural refrigerated dog food, meals, and treats found in the pet aisle fridge.

This past March, Bark & Co. and I were invited to tour Freshpet's Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA. We were lucky enough to have Freshpet’s Steve "Perfection" Bass as our ahhh-mazing guide for the day. During our visit he showed us everything from how food is made to how it’s packaged and shipped off to stores. 

As a new dog parent, I have been on a mission to find the perfect dog food for my Pug, Noodle! Among other things, one of the most gratifying things about visiting Freshpet for me was seeing how each product is tested for freshness, and how deeply the employees care about pups and their health.

Enter: Real Noodle


Returning home to him was exciting for me, but mostly it was exciting for him because he KNEW I had come home with new dog food. Now, Noodle has a talent when it comes to eating food quickly, but never have I seen him inhale anything like he did his FreshPet food! I fed him a quarter cup in the morning and then again at night, and almost immediately (read: like a week or two) I noticed how much shinier his coat was and how he would climb up the two stairs to our apartment! He had been in between foods for quite some time, and he absolutely loves having settled on Freshpet!

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