The Declaration of Codependence

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The Declaration of Codependence

This post is paw-wered by Logitech Circle, a home security camera that is all about helping you stay connected and keep an eye on ‘every move your pet makes” 24/7, even if you can’t be there IRL.

If you are that pup parent that:

1) Dances with your dog in your underwear

2) Brings your dog to work on a day that isn’t declared, “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”

3) But also brings your dog into work on a day that’s declared “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”

4) Cancels plans with friends just to hang out and marathon Bloodline with your pup (get over the pilot and then things get mad real)

5) Watches and talks to your dog through your home security and pet monitoring camera when at a party, and then makes the entire party watch the 30-second recap of your pup’s whole day (LOOK HER HEAD JUST HANGS OFF THE COUCH THAT CAN’T BE COMFORTABLE BUT IT’S SO CUTE)

6) Likes dogs more than people (because dogs are way better)

7) And otherwise could not imagine your life without your best friend by your side

8) Then you may, unequivocally and with pride declare yourself a proud celebrator of #CodependenceDay. And you get everything in the video above.

And as a signer of the Declaration of Codependence, we ask you to show us how you make every day Codependence Day by uploading your videos to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #CodependenceDay and #CircleIt. We’ll pick the 3 best submissions to receive a Logitech Circle camera for your home, so even when you’re not with your dog, you can be with your dog from anywhere. In spirit. In voice. In video technology.

#CodependenceDay y’all. ‘Murica. Pup yeah.

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